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Website Tips and Best Practices:

Patience is a Virtue!
The hardest part about getting started is figuring out WHERE to start. Like songwriting, or beginning the first pages of a script or a novel, when you launch your website you need to be dedicated, patient and work through the process. http://bit.ly/1WeLlQX

You Gotta Give a Little to Take a Little
Be smart about how you go about email marketing because you know what? It’s still really important! Everyone likes to feel special, like they’re being offered something unique that piques their interest. http://bit.ly/1WdnxMu

Come On, Get Active (Online!)
Want your Section 101 website to stand out from the pack? Interact! When you invest time in a website, your goal should be to not only get visitors, but to have them come back again and again. The best way to do this is to give them a reason - and there’s no better one than interacting with your fan base. http://bit.ly/1SSx8G9

P is for Promotion
This seems like a very topical tip considering the SXSW Music Fest happened last week in Austin, TX. If you were lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be there - either as an attendee, a performer or a panelist - talk yourself up! It’s not rude, that’s part of what you’re there for. http://bit.ly/1T2UfNh

Own, Don't Rent!
Own your own URL! This may be beside the point, right, because that’s why you’re here…but let’s just remind you once again why it’s so important you took this step: Once you decide on a name for your website, make sure you secure the domain name as well as social network IDs [Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Vine etc] that correspond. http://bit.ly/1TMMCdY

Come on Baby, Let's Blog!
Do you Blog on your Section 101 website? Blogging can take many forms – as a ‘postcard’ to your audience talking about a particular happening, as a diary while you’re in the middle of something unique like a Festival visit or promo tour, or even in the form of a commentary about something that excites you. http://bit.ly/1s0PKdx